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Tombstone Tuesday: The Chiltons

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This Tombstone Tuesday will be short and to the point since I don’t have a lot of information on these women, but I do have a wonderful picture:


This photo comes to us from the Cunningham collection of William Cunningham, via his granddaughter Amy Pownall and daughter Betty Mitchell. Thank you Amy and Betty and William!

Look at those dresses! Those hats! Those high heels!

These women are all your relatives. The accompanying identifications has:


Aunt Susie, in the center, is Martha Susana* “Susa” Cunningham, the oldest daughter of the oldest son in the Cunningham family. She was named after her grandmothers, Martha Montgomery and Susanna Cunningham. She wasn’t the first grandchild in the family, (Aaron’s sister) Betty had already had three children before Susa was born, but she was the first child of Aaron Cunningham and Minerva (Montgomery) Cunningham so she was the first grandchild with the Cunningham last name. She was born October 22, 1863, in the midst of the Civil War. I would gauge her to be between 50 and 60 in this photo that is probably from 1915 to 1920.

“Aunt Susie” is buried next to her husband, G. A. Chilton in the Oakwood Cemetery in Comanche. When she died, she was the oldest person living in Comanche.


Photo credit to Russ Davies on findagrave.com

On the left of the photo is Aunt Susie’s and G.A. Chilton’s older daughter, Anna Bell Chilton. She was born June 28, 1884, and died December 13, 1952. She was married to Reuben T. Reid and they are buried in Oakwood Cemetery, too. Oddly, his grave has a photo on findagrave.com, but she does not. They had no children.

On the right of the photo is the younger daughter of Aunt Susie and G. A. Chilton, Minerva Elizabeth. She was named Minerva after “Aunt Susie’s” mother Minerva Cunningham. She was called “Mina.” Mina was born January 3, 1886. She married Townsend Fugitt Smalling and they moved through marriage, to New Mexico and then Pampa, Texas, where he had a car dealership. They are buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Pampa. She died in July of 1971 in Fairfax, Virginia. I need to investigate further to find out if her daughter was living in Virginia at the time. That would be my guess. Her husband had died in Pampa in 1942 and she is buried next to him.


Thank you findagrave contributor Daryl Caldwell for the photo.

And the little girl in the photo is Susie Belle Smalling, born in Oklahoma December 5, 1911. She went to Pampa High School, spent some time at the University of Southern California, graduated from the University of Texas, and married (possibly her high school sweetheart?) Billy Hyde, the son of the Presbyterian minister in Pampa. They moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, to start their marriage in 1934. In 1940 they were living in Arkansas and had a baby girl, Betty Sue. Billy was an industrial engineer for a gas company. I need to do some more research to find where Sue (she was known by Sue most of her life) died and where Betty Sue Hyde is today. She would be 76 years old now.

Some holes to be filled in on this family. Perhaps some of the Aaron family members know more stories from their folks?


*Her name is spelled Susana on her gravestone and in some information, but with 2 N’s in other places.


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