Janice Williams

Tombstone Tuesday: Mary Jane Neely

In Abilene, Gravestones, Mary Jane Neely, Obituary, Original 12 Cunninghams, Tombstone Tuesday on October 25, 2016 at 11:00 am

This gravestone picture is from Findagrave.com, thank you Russ Davies for taking the picture.


Mary Jane Cunningham was born in 1860, the second to the last child of Captain James and Susanna Cunningham. Her brother Aaron, the oldest child, was 24 when she was born. Her older sister Betty was already married and had a child.

At 15, she married Joe Neely and had 9 children that lived past infancy and 4 who died very young. Joe died when he was 62 and they were living in Hamlin, in Jones County, Texas.

Mary Jane lived her final days in the household of her daughter Mary Stephens in Abilene. She died just before she turned 79, 21 years after Joe.

Both were taken back to the Oakwood Cemetery in Comanche to be buried. T.J. and Betty Holmsley and many other family members of the next generation had already been buried in Oakwood by the time she died.



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