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Tombstone Tuesday: Marylou “Sal” Hall

In Elizabeth Holmsley, Gravestones, San Angelo, T.J. Holmsley, Tombstone Tuesday on October 11, 2016 at 12:00 pm

The hardest part about writing on a Tombstone Tuesday is that I want to know everything I can about the subject and that is next to impossible for these long dead, distant relatives.

I’m sure many of our family, though, knew Marylou “Sal” Hall since she only died 40 years ago or so. She and Willis Johnson, still a regular attendee at the family reunion each August, were first cousins. I’m sure Willis could tell me more.

But Sal is the subject today because of a treasure trove of family information I was lucky enough to “inherit.” Some beautiful pictures of family members are in this trove and I want to share them all with you. I’ll start with sweet Sal… an absolutely beautiful girl.


She lived her life in San Angelo. I wonder if they traveled to Dallas to find a hat and beautiful outfit like this?

Sal was born October 17, 1923, in San Angelo. Her mother was Mary Elizabeth Johnson Hall, the granddaughter of our “Aunt Betty,” (Elizabeth Cunningham Holmsley). Her father was Frank Vosburg Hall. He was known by his middle name Vosburg. He was a native Texan, also from a pioneering family, but he went to Cornell University in Ithaca, studying agriculture, before being involved in business at a gin in San Angelo and a rancher in Irion County.

Sal’s parents had a son before Sal was born:  Frank Vosburg Hall, Jr., but he died at only 5 days old, so Sal was raised as the only child.

I find a couple of references in newspapers where Sal visited friends in Bryan, Texas, but little else about her life in San Angelo. She died August 14, 1977, of breast cancer at the age of 53.

The site FindaGrave.com has a memorial for Sal that has a nice picture showing where her brother and family are buried around her and her gravestone. Findagrave contributor Steve Voss took this picture and many others in the Fairmount Cemetery where so many of our family members are buried. Thank you, Steve.

HALL_Marylou Sal

If you know more of Sal’s life or have a picture of her as an adult, I hope you will share.

  1. Janice, I remember Sal– she was just few years older than I am. When I was about 7 or 8 years old my grandmother and I went to San Angelo for a visit and the family went to the Millpond –a family place in the country – and I have a picture of Sal and me on a pony. If and when I find it I will share it with you to add to your memories about her. Ruth Adele

  2. I just love hearing all of these great stories about our Cunningham ancestors. You must spend hours on research. We do appreciate it and hope you can keep them coming!

  3. Love reading this! Thank you for your time and endless effort digging into the Cunningham Family History!

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