Janice Williams

Tombstone Tuesday

In Newburg Cemetery, The OTHER Cunninghams, Tombstone Tuesday on August 11, 2015 at 1:15 am

Another amazing Cunningham Family Reunion has come and gone. I will soon post some pictures and try to describe it for those of you that were not there. In the meantime, I just want to get back on this horse and blog! Thank you Randy Walton for the encouragement to continue the Tombstone Tuesday. So this will ease me back in.

I visited the Newburg Cemetery on Sunday, as many of you did. Every time I have ever walked into the cemetery, I’ve seen the Cunninghams immediately to my left in the new section of the cemetery. I’ve always wondered if they were “our” Cunninghams.

Anyone who has done research on the Comanche County Cunninghams knows there are 2 groups of Cunninghams. Most of them are buried in the Newburg Cemetery and there has been marrying between the 2 groups (Edrie Cunningham from “our” group married Albert Cunningham of “their” group). This year I took pictures of the two Cunningham gravestones immediately to the left and swore I’d go home and research it a little.

I have some trepidation when I write some of these stories because I know so many people in Comanche County know more about these folks than I do. I get my knowledge from the Internet, they grew up with the stories. So I welcome their thoughts and corrections in the comments or by email, but I will tell you what I know.

The fifth grave on the left, right by the drive into the cemetery, is the single headstone of Ira G. Cunningham.


As you can see, he was 45 years old and had been in the military.

Spoiler:  he isn’t one of “our” Cunninghams. His name is Ira George Cunningham and he was born May 1, 1915, in Texas (and I would presume in Comanche County). His parents were Allen Cunningham and Annie Belle Talley. Their grave is the third one on the path as you enter the cemetery.


Allen’s father was Jesse Hammock Cunningham and Jesse’s father was the OTHER George Washington Cunningham (we had one, too).

Ira and his family lived in Brady when he was a teenager and his father ran a lumber yard. He had an older sister and a younger sister.  He enlisted for the air corps in San Antonio December 20, 1945 when he was 30. This was the only enlistment I found. I wonder if there was an earlier one and he was in World War II from the start? The served in the Medical Administrative Corps as an officer, and enlisted to serve in Hawaii, according to the documents. He never married and died of a heart attack on November 5, 1960, at his home in Comanche, where he was retired.

That is all I know about Ira Cunningham. I’m sure there are people in Comanche that remember him and will maybe fill in some details.

Now that I’ve said that he was not one of OUR Cunninghams, I will tell you that his aunt WAS one of our Cunninghams. And I’ll tell that story next week.

  1. TY Janice!

  2. It was a great joy to visit Newburg with you! I never knew there were two Cunningham branches. I knew there is more than one Tate family in Comanche County, but did not know about the Cunninghams. Great post!

  3. Alright Janice


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  4. Janice

    Thank you ! Many times over, thank you for binding the family together. I know that it is work. I want you to know that it is valued.


  5. I love reading these blogs, but have never commented because I don’t have anything to contribute. They are wonderful and bring the family members to life through your stories! Thank you, so much, for writing them.

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