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Tombstone Tuesday: Captain James Cunningham

In Capt. James Cunningham, Gravestones, Newburg Cemetery, Texas Rangers, Tombstone Tuesday on September 17, 2013 at 12:09 am

I expect that most of the people that come to this page have seen this gravestone time and time again. It is a centerpiece in the Newburg Cemetery in Newburg, Texas, the home of the Texas Cunninghams beginning in 1855.

But then, someone may be lucky enough to stumble across this blog and this page only to discover what a wonderful heritage they come from.

This is maybe my favorite picture of Captain James Cunningham’s grave. It was taken by my go-to (and favorite) photographer, Mark Hays, my husband. This was taken at the Ranger dedication ceremony in August of 2009. I have a full page of the story of that great day. The Former Texas Rangers Association honored Capt. James along with 5 of his sons and a grandson for their service as Texas Rangers. The small metal crosses were placed by their graves and covered with the Cunningham family tartan until the unveiling.

reunion 097

The photo is of little Yancy, 7 years old, admiring the grave of his g-g-g-g-grandfather and decked out in his own gun belt and boots, just like the Texas Rangers guarding the frontier wore. I love his look of respect.

Yancy comes from the Tom line of the Cunningham family, via Tom’s 6th daughter, 7th child, Mary Houston Cunningham Perkins, who is also buried in the Newburg Cemetery along with her husband Charlie and  her son Eugene, Yancy’s great-grandfather. Yancy’s grandfather, Harold, is a recent past president of the reunion. Yancy is 11 now. I have enjoyed watching him grow up and look forward to his active involvement as a leader in the family. It won’t be long.

  1. Did I know we had a TARTAN???? I think I need to get some and wear it proudly! Love these posts…not to mention how much I love all your knowledge of our family history!

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