Janice Williams

Comanche–Like We Never Knew It

In Comanche the city, Photos on January 21, 2012 at 11:16 pm

I’m sorry I have not been keeping you updated. But I have been working my way through some incredible things related to our family. My cousin and yours, Amy Pownall of Austin (from the Aaron Cunningham family) loaned to me a big box of wonderful things that belonged to her grandfather, William Cunningham, who was the president of the family the first time I came to the reunion back in the 1970s.

The things she showed me and loaned me lead me to conclude that just about everything we know about the Cunninghams was because of what her grandfather copied, saved, researched, and gathered for our history.

When I first came to the reunion there were pictures for sale of the original members of the family . I was already an avid genealogist and I purchased every picture and have treasured them ever since.

Amy loaned me a giant notebook that apparently William would bring to the reunion for people to flip through. It is full of genealogy pages, articles, letters, clippings, obituaries, and more. I have been scanning and going through it all. 

It is pretty overwhelming when I try to present it to you here, so I will start small with a picture of Comanche, Texas.


Written on the back, in what looks like 3 different handwritings or time periods:  Courthouse and old live oak – Comanche, TX – 1928-1930? Maybe someone with a better knowledge of cars than I have can date it from the cars.

  1. Send it to Margaret Waring, she’ll know. Great Courthouse!
    Have you run across any pictures of the old house. I’ll be sending you a bunch of stuff I have unearthed as well.

    Good Work

    • Yes! I do have pics of the old house and I need to send them to you and write about it. Black and white from the late 60s I think.

      Send me stuff. I can’t get enough stuff!! I need a librarian to come in and organize it all for me. I did get a LOT accomplished this weekend finally. Now if I can just put it together into a meaningful form.

  2. I was born in Newburg in 1928 and moved away the same year, but there were many visits back to my Grandmother Henriietta Cunningham Hallford (Bill’s family), Newburg and the reunion. The Comanche square and the oak and the cars look much like they did in my earliest memories.

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